Frequently Asked Questions:

How to add images to rotation?
    • Upload the signatures/avatars to your favorite image hosting website
    • Add the URL's to your SignAvatar rotation.
    • The benefits of doing it this way:
      • Upload images only once and have them all in one place.
      • Your images will load faster because larger websites are able serve images from the server nearest to the user.
      • Faster loading will make forum admins more likely to allow external images, helping others to be creative with random signatures and avatars.
      • SignAvatar will use additional resources to add more features.
How do I use my random signature/avatar on a forum?
  • Browse to Edit Sigs/Avatars page. and copy 'your URL'
  • Login to your forum -> Control Panel -> Signature
  • In the signature box, type [img]your_url[/img] (your_url is what you copied)
  • That's it. Should be random.
  • Avatars are exactly the same

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