Frequently Asked Questions:

I can't upload any images. What's going on?
  • SignAvatar does not host images because of limited server resources. Good news is that there are plenty of free image hosting websites (click here for the list) out there. And, SignAvatar will rotate your images for you for free.
    • Upload the signatures/avatars to your favorite image hosting website
    • Add the URL's to your SignAvatar rotation.
    • The benefits of doing it this way:
      • Upload images only once and have them all in one place.
      • Your images will load faster because big websites have big servers which usually means they are much faster.
      • Faster loading will make forum admins more likely to allow external images, helping others to be creative with random signatures and avatars.
      • SignAvatar will use the resources to add more features.
    • So, for a few extra clicks you get a whole lot of benefits, including free service.
How do I use my random signature/avatar on a forum?
  • Browse to Edit Sigs/Avatars page. and copy 'your URL'
  • Login to your forum -> Control Panel -> Signature
  • In the signature box, type [img]your_url[/img] (your_url is what you copied)
  • That's it. Should be random.
  • Avatars are exactly the same

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